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WindMaster 3-axis wind sensor measures wind speed of 126 mph on Saildrone’s World Record breaking USV

A Saildrone uncrewed surface vehicle (USV) has recently achieved a Guinness World Record for the highest wind speed recorded by a USV. Gill’s WindMaster 3-axis ultrasonic wind sensor was at the heart of Saildrone’s achievement – measuring a wind speed of 109.83 knots (126.4 mph) while the USV was within Category 4 Hurricane Sam. The USV was delivering data to advance the understanding of how and why these powerful storms develop to help protect coastal communities. Saildrone said “This record is a testament to the unique endurance of the Saildrone platform….capable of operating in the most extreme weather conditions”. We are proud that Gill’s WindMaster is an integral part of this vessel’s data measurement capabilities, with the ability to function without interruption, in these harsh environments.

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