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Gill Research & Development open day

The latest Gill R&D in-house event was joined by the Gill Instruments’ Sales and Marketing teams. As usual, it was a fantastic event to share ideas ranging from market needs here and now through to R&D’s blue-sky innovations for the future. Project diversity was immense and getting the chance to hear about and discuss in small groups with the team members directly involved gave us all a thorough insight.   

One of R&D’s Technical Project Leads (Research) is Sam. He’s part of the technical leadership team and has been at Gill R&D for 12 years – he gives us an insight below into why, for him, it’s such an exciting place to work:

Research and Development is in Gill’s DNA! It’s what drives us forward and keeps us at the leading edge, producing the groundbreaking technologies Gill is known for. As engineers at Gill, we have the chance to work on projects ranging from improving our current products through to developing innovative new technologies that may take longer to reach the market. These activities keep Gill at the forefront of our current markets and allow the development of products for new application areas.

Collaboration is a priority at Gill, and one of the areas I encourage and particularly enjoy, allowing a strong exchange of ideas with colleagues. Together, that allows us to discuss and develop ideas, push boundaries and come up with new solutions that will help shape the future of Gill products and the industries we work with.

Gill encourages all our engineers to constantly learn and grow, whether it’s by attending industry conferences or keeping up with the latest research. It’s certainly an exciting place to work, where new ideas are always welcome and we are constantly challenged in a dynamic and stimulating environment.

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