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Electronics Engineers at Gill Research & Development

Hari is one of the Electronics Engineers at Gill Research & Development. Hear from Hari what it’s like being part of the R&D team:

After graduating in 2021 I joined Gill Research & Development as one of the Electronics Engineers. The role at Gill really interested me as I had experience with similar technologies during my degree. Gill has been very welcoming, and I have settled in seamlessly, finding that the collaborative approach to problem solving and the diverse range of projects has really suited me.

I work with various types of electronics depending on the project. For example, I’ve been involved in PCB design followed by design evaluation and testing. There is a lot of freedom to test ideas and I often make a quick circuit on a breadboard or use a devkit to test peripherals as part of my development work.
With the various types of electronics I use a range of different software, typically Altium, Pads and LTSpice for circuit layout and testing. These boards are then programmed and evaluated using different IDEs and test scripts. 

This past year, I have worked on calibration of various pieces of equipment, whether it’s driving a motor or powering an antenna. There is always problem solving involved which provides plenty of challenge and keeps the projects really interesting.

One extra advantage of my job is that I can work remotely. On a normal week I typically work in the office for three days and from home the remaining two giving me the perfect mix of socialising and exchanging ideas and quiet concentration. On top of this, there is flexible working hours, which allows me to plan my weeks around important events and ensures I can maximize my efficiency at work.

We are always looking for talented, enthusiastic and motivated team members –