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Apprenticeships at Gill

Zarah is a recently qualified Lab Technician at Gill Research & Development after completing an apprenticeship – hear about her experience of working combined with formal learning and how it’s benefitted her as well as the broader team at Gill R&D:

I joined Gill Research & Development in 2019 and started my apprenticeship in September 2020 through HSDC Havant & South Downs college. While studying, I have been working 4 days a week at Gill R&D, and spending the remaining day in college. The apprenticeship consists of two parts, a BTEC in applied science and a Laboratory Technician qualification which ran concurrently. 

I found the BTEC particularly beneficial as it gave me the chance to put into practice at work some things that I learnt at college. This really developed my understanding of what I had been taught in a way I don’t think I could have achieved if I had been studying full-time. Likewise, there were things I learnt in the workplace that were useful during my college classes which made it easier for me to advance in my BTEC. For me, there was no substitute for having actual on-the-job concurrent work experience while studying as it really developed and improved my practical skills and techniques as I got to use the skills in everyday work. In addition to the formal studying element of my course, I also completed independent research in my own time to contribute to my qualification which was based solely on the workplace. This was incredibly helpful in building my knowledge about relevant regulations and laws, emergency procedures, health and safety in the workplace as well as my knowledge of the company I work for. As a result, I was able to offer suggestions for improvements in my workplace based on what I had learnt. 

For the duration of the apprenticeship, I have had a great support team, including my assessor from the college, my employer and my work colleagues. When I had problems,  questions or struggled with understanding anything, they were all willing to offer me support in any way they could, whether it was helping me understand chemistry for my BTEC or helping me with any questions I had about my place of work. 

In December 2022 I completed the course and am very pleased to say I am now a fully qualified Lab Technician! I look forward to continuing to use my knowledge to further my development at Gill in the future.

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