In an environment where product performance and safety are paramount, Gill R&D provides premium sensor technologies, sophisticated hardware and intuitive software to supply original solutions to the toughest of industrial challenges.

Utilising a wealth of experience, our engineering team works with our industrial clients to deliver resilient, cost-effective and successful engineered products. Our innovative solutions are unaffected by typical environmental contamination found in the manufacturing work place and are designed and tested to suit the technological needs of the rapidly evolving market.

When you are manufacturers of market leading meteorological equipment, you are often confronted with problems beyond the design of the products themselves. A key project to develop and produce an ultrasonic anemometer capable of monitoring winds speeds up to 90m/s (201mph) required a wind tunnel able to deliver those speeds in a controlled and accurate environment.
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Gill R&D develops a volumetric ultrasonic gas flow sensor for evaluation in a low pressure environment on an extra-vehicular spacesuit.
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||  Tags : ultrasonic, volumetric, gas, gas flow, national aerospace


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