Embedded System Design

Our team of highly skilled engineers have the ability to tackle all elements of embedded system design, including system prototyping, PCB design services, analog circuit design, digital circuit design and embedded software development.

We will work closely with you throughout an embedded system design project to ensure all deliverables are met to brief, on time and as efficiently as possible.

embedded system design - system prototyping

System Prototyping

Our considerable embedded systems design capability enables us to produce proof of concept models and complete system prototypes rapidly, with resulting prototypes that use existing system blocks, off-the-shelf hardware, evaluation systems or IP.

embedded system design - pcb design services

PCB Design Services

Our PCB design services include multilayer PCB design; Intrinsically Safe (IS) and specialist design (high temperature, extreme environment, high voltage or high current); surface mount and through-hole; and design for high volume production.

embedded systems design - analog circuit design

Analog Circuit Design

We can provide analog circuit design, simulation, prototype design and analysis for a broad range of applications. Our engineers have vast experience in low noise circuit design, low power design, RF circuit design and antenna design, with the ability to produce hardware prototypes rapidly.

embedded systems design - digital circuit design

Digital Circuit Design

We have the ability to develop circuit architectures around a wide range of processors, communication protocols and mass storage devices. From initial rapid prototypes to full development, our engineers will work with you to ensure the suitability of the design within the embedded system.

embedded software development

Embedded Software Development

We produce innovative, original embedded software, real-time operating systems and multi-processor solutions for wideranging applications. Our embedded software specialists have a wealth of experience in products that require sophisticated control algorithms.

embedded software development

Embedded Linux Development

We have the capabilities to produce intuitive, easy-to-use embedded Linux systems for porting, integration, web application development and storing. Our team of skilled software engineers can develop embedded Linux based systems for a wide range of applications.

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